Massage Bar - Massage

Here at Gilroy's Barber's why not treat yourself to a lovely relaxing massage with one of our unique massage essential oil bars.

Our massage bars contains a creamy cloud of nourishing and natural ingredients, these will help massage away the stresses of the day! They all contain pure essential oils, skilfully blended to help alter or enhance your mood and benefit your skin.

Below are examples of some of our massage bars, with each having its own unique characteristics, sents, aromas including relaxation and health properties.

Massage Bar - Soaps

So What Happens

What is a Massage Bar, Massage

After you have booked your slot and chosen your scented essential oil bar, it is a simply case of lying back, relaxing and enjoying your massage.

A massage last up to one hour where we will work on specific areas or give you a fully body massage from head to tie.

You will not be rushed in any way and will leave us feel revitalised and refreshed and rearing to go.

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